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Joint venture


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The founders of joint venture are:

From the foreign party: the CONTESSA VENTURES LIMITED company (Great Britain) – 60%.

From the Uzbek side: JSC “Almalyk MMC” - 40%.

The main object of the activity of the entity is profound conversion of a copper vitriol in a fine copper vitriol with an anticaking, according to TS 21407711-01:2015. The entity performs output of production, which corresponds to the international quality standards and effectively exploits it in the world market.

The export volume of the producible products in 2015 amounted to 23.5 billion sums (in 9.1 million dollars) with 98.8% of shares of export.

Raising competitiveness of output products, JV LLC “KNOW-HOW IN PRODUCTION PROCESS” pays special attention to the policy of quality control. At the entity implementation of the integrated system of management (ISM) meeting the requirements, regulations and the rules FAMI-QS and HACCP is performed.

FAMI-QS - the set of rules for producers of feed additives and premixes of the countries of Europe allowing the producer to ensure safety of feed additives and premixes according to the European requirements to food hygiene, as well as the traceability of products.

HACCP - the system allowing to determine, estimate and control dangerous factors (risks) essential to safety of a product. HACCP basis - the system approach allowing:

to cover the safety parameters at all stages of product lifecycle, from the receipt of raw materials, before the use of a product by the final consumer;

to use preventive measures, but not overdue actions for correction of defect and a feedback of products;

to determine uniquely the responsibility for safety of products;

to reveal faultlessly the critical processes and to concentrate on them the main resources and efforts of the entity;

to considerably save at the cost of decreasing a share of defect in total production;

to create documentary confirmed confidence concerning safety of the producible products.

Having implemented the ISM, JV LLC “KNOW-HOW IN PRODUCTION PROCESS” pursues the aim to increase efficiency of the work taking into account the best international experience of quality management. Proceeding from it, production processes are enhanced, modern methods of the analysis of raw materials and finished goods are applied.

Now "the fine blue vitriol with an anticaking" finds the application in various spheres of economic activity of a person more and more. Regarding to the modern achievements of science, the new parties using blue vitriol allowing to solve more effectively long ago pending problems in agricultural industry, livestock husbandry, poultry farming, medicine and the industry opened.

Products made by JV LLC “KNOW-HOW IN PRODUCTION PROCESS” are used with great demand in the foreign market, all amount of the production produced by the entity is exported. Regions of sales of products of the entity are Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Poland, the Netherlands and other countries of Europe and Southeast Asia.

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