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Production cement

The Dzhizak Cement Plant

 The Cement Plant of JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’ to produce white and general-purpose (GP) construction portlant cement was created in the Dzhizak Region in 2014.

 The Plant design capacity on the PTsB (ПЦБ) I-1 500\42,5 white portland cement is 350 000 tons per year, or on the TsEM (ЦЕМ) I 32.5 H GP construction portland cement – 760 000 t\y. 

Sherobod cement factory

The cement plant for the construction of the joint venture of Almalyk MMC was set up in Surkhandarya region in 2018.

The total construction Portland cement of TsEM I 32,5 N is about 1,500,000 tonnes a year.

100% for sale on the domestic market:

Output cement GOST 31108-2003, GOST 30515-97 meets normative documents.

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  • 01cement150
  • 02cutube150
  • 03emalprovod150
  • 04kadmiy150
  • 05au150
  • 06ag150
  • 07zn150
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  • h2so4150
  • kuporos150
  • selen150-2
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