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Production cement

Sherobod cement factory

The cement plant for the construction of the joint venture of Almalyk MMC was set up in Surkhandarya region in 2018.

The total construction Portland cement of TsEM I 32,5 N is about 1,500,000 tonnes a year.

100% for sale on the domestic market:

Output cement GOST 31108-2003, GOST 30515-97 meets normative documents.


  • Expansion of production capacities on Portland cement production;
  • To master developing a new type of cement;
  • Localization of production of import substituting products in order to save money;
  • Expanding export potential and export-oriented products in order to provide additional currency reserves.
  • Employment of rural population and mahalla in Surkhandarya region.

Portlandcement and its types are one of the most widely used types of cement in modern construction. Portland cement is called Portland cement, which is a hydraulic binder, which can be obtained by fine-grained grinding and addition of special additives. The general construction portland cement is mainly used for reinforced concrete works. It should be noted that the portland cement is widely used in foam-concrete, concrete preparation and general construction work, as well as in the manufacture of tracks and track plates.

Advantages of the factory:

While designing a project strategy, it is necessary to take into account the capacities that are characterized by certain conditions that create a set of factors that enable enterprises to achieve their goals, achieve projects, and achieve success in achieving optimal income for investment capital. The strategy of the plant is to meet the main objective of modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of industrial enterprises and their equipping them with modern progressive equipment, ensuring the production of high-quality, competitive and export-oriented products.

The first prerequisites for the establishment of the factory have been to increase the efficiency of the current consumption of dolomite and glaciers, as well as to the cement in the domestic and foreign markets. There is a 8 MW electricity generator station, which uses heat and gases emitting atmospheres.

The cement factory has the following advantages:

  • Proven reserves of suitable raw materials (dolomite, glacier, plaster mines);
  • Useful logistics of raw materials supply;
  • Wide opportunities to respond to market conjuncture at the expense of production capacities of general cement.

Technology and equipment:

The cement plant has modern equipment for world-class manufacturers to provide a high level of technological process.

The dry method of cement production is a modern technology, and it has a number of advantages over the past. For example, reducing fuel consumption by almost 1.5 times. This technology is currently the most effective method for producing Portland cement.

The production complex consists of three coalmines and technological lines for cement production.

There is a laboratory equipped with all the necessary equipment to monitor and control raw materials, products, fuel, and water quality. Examinations are carried out in the laboratory, process and final product control is performed according to EN 197.

Quality Control:

In the production of cement, the following control and tests are carried out:

  • Agility of all species and classifications to compress;
  • Performance indicators while soaring;
  • Start and end time of the seal;
  • Subspecial and specific surface degradation;
  • Signs of lying;
  • Specific efficiency of natural radionuclides Aeef activity;

Inspection and testing are carried out in the factory laboratory by way of selecting samples.

In order to ensure the quality of the products, the factory is equipped with the leading “Termo  Fisher” of Swedish, “Inolab” of German, ‘’Atom  texnik’’ of Turkish campaigns` equipment for chemical analysis and physico-mechanical testing, which will be required for ISO 9001 quality.

Analytical laboratory of the factory has been certified by the Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan "O`zstandard".

Director: Murodov Eshmat Yaxshiboevich

Phone:  (+998 71) 141-90-09 

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