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AMMC: On the way of implementation of investment projects

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Today information service of Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex organized a press tour on the topic of “Investment projects are in progress at Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex” JCS for mass media representatives.

Initially it was held a meeting for mass media representatives involving Otabek Isroilov first acting deputy director of “Metallurg” MS for localization, enhancing cooperative relationships and information communications and  Kamoliddin Salimov head of investments department. Herein responsible people gave detailed information on investment projects presently carried out at the complex.

Within the framework of the development program of “Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex” JSC it was established to fulfill five basic investment projects in total amount of 4.5 billion US dollars for 2019-2023 years. K.Salimov said that at the moment implementation of these projects have already started. In accordance with the decree No PQ-4124 “regarding activities on further development of Mining and metallurgy enterprises” of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, it was specified to involve investments in the amount of 2.9 million US dollars to “Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex” JSC up to 2026 and rise copper production volume to 28 percent and zinc production volume to 75 percent up to 2023.

Currently according to the worked out investment program of the enterprise it is planned to implement projects specifying the development of 5 metallurgy industry which total amount is 3 billion 349,8 million US dollars.

In addition, 2 billion 676,2 million US dollar investment was reclaimed at the expense of implementation of reclaiming “Yoshlik I” minefield. In the result of putting this project into operation, a minefield having a power of mining 74 million ton ore, new Copper enrichment plant No 3 having a possibility of recycling 60 million ton ore, copper electrolysis workshop having a power producing 275 thousand ton copper, workshop producing 1200 thousand ton sulfate acid and oxygen production power producing 55 thousand meter cub will be built.

Besides, the construction of new melting (Vanyukov) heater, reconstruction and expanding of anode and convertor divisions  will be carried out and more than 6 000 work place will be created.

Currently within the framework of this project high productive mountain and mine technics in the amount more than 272,5 million US dollars have been imported, techniques in the amount of 55,4 billion sum produced in our country and 36 pieces of electrical tools and instruments in the amount of 5,0 billion sum have been delivered.

Construction and installation, mountain and mine and digging operations are being held on site. Digging operations in total volume of 39,0 million cub meter have been performed since the project was started. If 3,2 million meter cub in 2017, 13,0 million meter cub in 2018 and 20 million meter cub in 2019 digging operations were fulfilled, the volume of performed works will be 25 million meter cub in 2020.

Until the end of year within the framework of this project it is anticipated that total volume of investment will be 225,2 million US dollars.

It is appointed to organize digging out 100 thousand ton ore enriched with gold and create 269 pieces new work places by means of implementation of project and development of investment in total amount of 71,5 million US dollars within the framework of construction of “Samarchuk” underground construction project at Red-apple minefield base. At the moment, over ground operations have been completed, mining operations are being held. In this year it is scheduled to install necessary equipment and tools for conducting mining operations.

In the process of implementation of the project on “enhancing production power on recycling raw materials” money resources in the amount of 124,6 million US dollar have been received. Also, ore production volume in Qalmoqqir and Saricho’qqi minefields will be increased to 3,1 million ton. Delivering the main process equipment is in the progress. If in fact the ore was dug out from this minefield in the amount of 37,2 million ton in 2017, after the project has been put into operation in 2021 its power will reach to 40,3 million ton.

In the process of “Program for reconstructing and stabilizing the main production power” it is specified to upgrade and update copper enrichment plant, copper melting and zinc plants during 2019-2022 years. In the result of implementing the project together with involving investment in the amount of 357,5 US dollars not only production powers will be upgraded but also environmental wastes and poisonous gas emitted to the atmosphere will be reduced, it will be created resting and safety environment for workers. At the moment repairing and restoring, construction and installation operations are being held.

In the process of implementing the project for constructing “Mejdureche” underground minefield, the enterprise organized to dig out 120 thousand ton ore enriched with gold and keep available work places in Angren city involving investments in total amount 120,0 US dollars.  

Within the framework of 5 huge projects mentioned above, during 2019-2022 years money resources will  be received in the amount of 1 billion 455,8 million US dollars. In the result of implementing the project more than 6 000 work places will be created. Additionally, ore digging out power will be increased triple, production of colored and precious metal will be increased twice, the export volume will be increased to 1,6 tmes and budged incomes will be increased to 1,3 times.

After that, Mass media representatives on direction of press tour visited to one of the biggest minefields “Qalmoqqir” field. Azam Asqarov head of production department of Qalmoqqir minefield gave information about works which are being performed. Mass media representatives became close familiar with operation process which is initial point of production process chain of the minefield.

Then, journalists visited to the next address – Yoshlik minefield. Zahriddin Omondullayev field worker of category No1 informed journalist about new minefield.

During the press tour mass media representatives visited to zinc plant and watched the process of producing zinc and cadmium.

The 3rd copper enrichment plant which is being built based on investment project was the last address of the press tour.

Investment projects which are being carried out at the complex remained big impression on participants of press tour.

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