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The first in Uzbekistan

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Projects are being implemented

- In what connection this large and painstaking work is done? “The point is that international systems of deposit reserves assessment are more familiar and understandable for foreign investors and simplify the procedures for calculating the real reserves of mining enterprises, which helps to determine the risks for investors when providing financing,” says Timur Saliev, head of the project implementation service of promising areas of mining and geological works of Kalmakyr mining plant administration. - Therefore, since 2019, AMMC fulfills extensive work to implement major projects to re-evaluate reserves and their classification in accordance with international standards of the JORC Code, which is implemented on the basis of state regulatory documents of our republic. This activity is carried out jointly with one of the leading international consulting company in the mining and geological sphere “SRK Consulting”" from Great Britain.

The main purpose of conducting geological exploration work (GEO) is to create and subsequently update reports of mineral resource estimates, etc. according to international standards in accordance with the requirements of the JORC Code.

AMMC JSC carries out geological exploration work on three projects. The Almalyk project includes the combined Kalmakyr and Yoshlik I fields. Initially, a database was compiled based on historical information from earlier GEOs. Since 2019, new GEOs have been carried out in three phases. In April last year, based on the results of two stages, a block model of the united field was created, reports were prepared in accordance with the JORC Code, as well as general recalculation of reserves and FS of conditions in accordance with the requirements of the State Commission on Mineral Reserves (SCR) of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Thus, as of January 1, 2020, the balance reserves of the united deposit increased by 33.8%, copper - by 33.1%, and gold - by 40.4%. Unpayable sulfide ores and unpayable oxidized ores also increased: ore by 32.2% and 134.1%, copper by 45.5% and 64.7%, and gold by 40% and 100.2%, respectively.

As a result of the work conducted by the State Commission on Mineral Reserves of Uzbekistan, the calculated reserves were reviewed and approved in accordance with the normative and methodological documents of the Republic and, for the first time in Uzbekistan, in accordance with the requirements of the JORC Code.

Now according to the results of the third stage of GEOs the database, frame and block models are being updated, reports are being prepared according to the requirements of the JORC Code and it is planned to update them in accordance with the requirements of the SCR of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In order for the readers to imagine the scope of work, we should say that during the first stage of the project more than 2800 historical boreholes were digitized with the volume of over 667 thousand linear meters, by the results of three stages of GEO 475 new wells were drilled with the volume of over 206 thousand linear meters, more than 114 thousand different tests in the specialized certified laboratories of the near and far abroad that meet international standards were performed.

The Angren project covers the Kyzyl Alma, Kochbulak, Kairagach, Guzaksai, Pirmirab and Kauldy fields. Together with SRK Consulting, a database, preliminary frame and block models were prepared based on historical exploration data. At the moment, geological exploration and verification works are carried out, the results of which in 2021-2022 will update the database, field models, prepare reports in accordance with the JORC Code and the requirements of SCR of Uzbekistan.

The Khandiza project includes the field of the same name. A database, frame and block models, and reports in accordance with the JORC Code were also prepared here based on historical geological exploration data and the results of verification work.

During the implementation of these projects, reliable and high-quality information will be accumulated, which will be used for the subsequent stages of work, as well as for the reclassification of mineral resources of deposits to a higher category.

I warmly congratulate my colleagues on Geologist’s Day, wish them unique discoveries, great discoveries and an undying interest in their work! May life give you great opportunities to do what you want!

Core sample is the main source of information

All the necessary data for the above-mentioned work “were provided” by the core - cylindrical rock samples obtained during drilling. The core is a source of information on the geological structure of the subsoil, conditions of sedimentation, and the material composition of rocks.

Rock samples from the Almalyk and Angren projects are brought to the Kauldy ore pretreatment area.

- Core documentation is done here, samples are taken and then they are delivered for preparation to the contractor and further dispatched to international laboratories for laboratory analysis,” says Anton Bikov, head of the Kalmakyr wellhead. - Since 2019, an average of 3,000 to 9,000 linear meters of core from various fields has been documented per month. Mining workers, geologists, mineralogists, petrographer of our geological prospecting party, as well as specialists of geological services of Kalmakyr, AMD, ChMD, Djizak cement plant, Kauldy mine and Yoshlik I open pit are engaged in this big and painstaking work. Currently there are more than 20 people working here.

After sampling, core is stored in a storage facility, where, according to the instructions for accounting and storage of core and duplicate samples, it will remain for several years. The project provides for two warehouses. Construction of the first one is completed, it is almost full: there are about 15 thousand boxes. TOMK workers are now installing racks in the second core storage facility.

The GEO team has completed its work on Kalmakyr and Yoshlik I fields: core documentation and sampling. Now we are waiting for the results of laboratory tests. At the moment we are engaged in the fields “Guzaksay” and “Pirmirab” of the ChMD, as well as “Kyzyl Alma”, “Kochbulak”, “Kairagach” of the AMD. Our GEO crew is now working on the Kochbulak field.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the plant’s geologists on their professional holiday and wish them health, happiness and prosperity! New discoveries, victories and achievements!

Anastasiya KALINKINA

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