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Frequently asked questions

1. About employment: Explain please what is the job placement procedure at JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’?

At present, employment at JSC “Almalyk MMC’ (the Complex) is performed by the commission, formed according to the Complex order No058 dated 20.01.2020 and consisting of the Complex’ main specialists. The commission works, if there are vacancies and needs in personnel, to select vacancies applicants terms of blue-collar jobs and specialists jobs, and to provide the Complex with a staff of skilled factory and office workers and specialists. The job applicant’s professional qualities are evaluated during pre-selection by testing and interviewing, and, if necessary, practical examination on the job.

The citizens, seeking a job, should online present the following documents:

  • passport;
  • work record card, confirming  the time record (except those who did not work earlier);
  • document of education, as an original or copy, properly certified;
  • document, confirming the profession or professional qualification, original or copy, properly certified – for those, having a profession;
  • disabled persons, in addition to the above documents, should show an opinion letter from the Special medical examination committee (ВТЭК) about the recommended working nature and conditions.

Information about the upcoming employment is posted on the official website of Almalyk MMC JSC - www.agmk.uz, as well as social networks Facebook: www.facebook.com/agmk.uz  and Telegram: https://t.me/ao_agmk .

2. What are the procedure and how much time is needed to draw the pay reference for the citizens, who are going to retire, and what is the order of their official registration at JSC “Almalyk MMC’?

To get the pay reference, one should turn to the Archives of JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’ (personally or by sending a request at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with a written application to the Accounting department’s Archives, and enclose a copy of the passport and work record card on his or her work at the Complex. The deadline to execute the request is 30 days from the registration day.

Upon the work carried out, the Archives will send to the applicant the Archives reference, certified by the Head with a corner stamp and a seal. The one’s pay will be shown in the Archives reference as per the monetary nominal (Uz Sums), which was valid at the period, the request had been made for. They shall be included to the reference just so, as they stated in the Archives documents.

Archives documents shall be handed over to the applicant upon presentation the passport or at the sight of an appropriate letter of attorney, properly certified, and also an electron version shall be mailed, and the original documents shall be sent at the applicant’s home address by post.

3. do you do! I am a shareholder of your Complex. It’s impossible for me to come to Almalyk. What have I to do to re-register the shares by the Internet? I am Russia’s resident, and will a Russian letter of attorney for drawing the dividends in Uzbekistan, be valid?

As to legalizing (renewal) shareholders’ data in the register, you can found the details at the web-site of JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’ www.agmk.uz in the ‘For shareholders’ section, the item ‘For shareholders Non-residents’. So, we are informing you, that the due sum you may receive by attorney with a properly issued letter of attorney. A shareholder’s domiciliary notarial letter of attorney is allowable.

4. I am a pensioner, and I’ve stopped to receive my occupational disease compensation since May, 2013. Would you give your help please to look into and decide the question?

The Complex monthly and timely carries out transfers of health detrimental compensation amounts to its former workers, living outside the Republic of Uzbekistan, through the JSC ‘Uzbekiston pochtasi’.

All sum amounts, subject to be transferred  to The Russian Federation, are accumulated at the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Central post office where currency exchange are made and the health detrimental amounts are transferred to the addressee.

The JSC ‘Uzbekiston pochtasi’, as the currency funds are accumulated, shall send all the money,  due to you, by postal orders without fail.

5. I’m Ryabova I. G., the ex-machinery operator  of the Copper smelter, Sulfuric acid plant 3, and had worked at your plant for 12 years, 1995 to 2007. Currently I live in Ukraine and am legalizing the preferential pension on the list. I need three references: an order copy from the Personnel department about my working place certification, confirming my favorable length of service as per List No. 2; the reference in terms of my monthly wages for the 1995-2007 period; and the profession list, confirming the favorable length of service as per the List No. 2.

In reply to your request the reference has been sent, concerning your wages from November, 1995 to October, 2007; the reference of the  preferential pension; and the conclusion, regarding the certification  of the working places, having harmful and unfavorable working conditions at the Copper smelter of JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’. The electron version has been sent at your E-mail, and the original documents have been sent at your home address by post.

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