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Speeches and statements by management

Our achievements include solidarity, hard work, and professionalism

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It should be noted that in those difficult times, the wise path taken by the head of our state Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev, sensitive wisdom, popular decisions, strong political will and invincible perseverance were important factors in overcoming the challenges together.

Restrictions imposed by the declaration of the pandemic were also reflected in the activities of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Plant. Nevertheless, we have managed to implement all our plans and investment projects, most importantly, to keep the pace of production stable and save jobs.

It is gratifying that in the short-lived and mind-boggling trials that took place in a short period of time, urgent measures were taken to prevent coronavirus infection at the plant and to protect the health of workers. In particular, a total of 11 billion 209 million soums have been allocated for the protection of workers' health. At the same time, 55 ambulances worth 7.762 billion soums were purchased for healthcare facilities in Tashkent region, and 3 ISUZU ambulances were purchased and handed over to the Almalyk Medical Association.

Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Plant also took an active part in the construction of a quarantine zone in Orta Chirchik district. At the expense of the enterprise, a virology laboratory was built in our city and equipped with modern medical equipment.

During the pandemic, the Air Distribution Department of the Copper Smelter delivered more than 40 tons of oxygen per day to regional and national medical institutions.

The Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Plant provided significant financial and practical assistance to the victims of the coronavirus infection, as well as to the victims of the Sardoba Reservoir flood.

2.0 billion soums transferred to the Public Fund "Mercy and Health of Uzbekistan", 2.0 billion soums to the Public Charitable Fund "Mahalla" in Tashkent region. More than two thousand food kits were prepared, handed over and the first necessary food items were sent to people in need. Within the framework of the nationwide movement "Generosity and Support" initiated by the President, the plant has carried out a number of good deeds to support families in need of social protection in Surkhandarya, Namangan, Jizzakh and Tashkent regions.

It goes without saying that not all such expenditures were included in our budget. But thanks to the steady work of our hardworking team, we have been able to provide such good help.

Despite the strict quarantine conditions, thanks to the prompt measures of the government of our country to overcome the economic crisis in Uzbekistan, our plant has managed to meet almost all forecasts. The main factor was the unity of all divisions of The Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, the team's enthusiasm for the implementation of all production and export targets set for 2020. A number of enterprises met their annual forecasts ahead of schedule. On September 11, the workers of the copper smelter managed to produce 100 thousand tons of cathode copper, renewing their record for 5 days.

As of 12 months of this year, the plan for the production of goods at current prices was fulfilled by 120.9%, the production of goods at constant prices by 100.6%, the growth rate was 103.8% compared to the same period last year. Our main product - copper cathode production is expected to reach 100.0% and growth rates to 105%. The indicators of our export activity are also noteworthy. 

The results achieved provided an opportunity to provide financial incentives to workers. In particular, on the eve of the International Women's Day, the women of the plant were presented with 600 thousand soums, on the occasion of the "Day of Mining and Metallurgical Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan" in 2019 or at a monthly rate for Independence Day and New Year. Employees received financial incentives worth 1 million soums.  

Today, not only in our country, but also in the CIS countries, the most comprehensive project - the project for the development of the deposit "Youth I", under which the construction of the 3rd Copper Concentrator is underway. It is noteworthy that the reconstruction and stabilization of the main production capacity of JSC "Almalyk MMP" is carried out without interruption.

The most memorable events of the year are the construction of the 4th KVK at the combined waste storage facility, BelAZ dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 220 tons and a bucket designed for use at the Yoshlik I field with a capacity of 20 and 25 cubic meters. I would point out that new mining techniques such as excavators have been introduced.

Special attention is paid to the creation of decent working conditions and protection of health of employees of the plant, along with the tasks of production prospects, the implementation of annual production targets. This, of course, will remain one of the priorities of our company.

Despite all the difficulties, work on social facilities has not stopped. Reconstruction of the main building of the sanatorium was completed in the last year. Reconstruction of the sanatorium in Chirchik is underway. In addition, work has been done to create a recreation and excursion zone along the banks of the Bozsuv canal in the city, a 258-seat swimming complex has been built and commissioned in Angren.

Of course, the list of things we’ve done over the years can go on and on. The purpose of giving such examples is to objectively assess our progress over the past year.

There is little time left until the New Year. Unfortunately, we cannot celebrate this holiday on a large scale and with mass events as usual: the pandemic is still taking its toll. In many countries, quarantine measures are being intensified due to the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus infection. We will need to take care of each other and maintain a stable epidemiological situation in the country. And we must start with ourselves first.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the noble workers of our plant, who have been supporting the reforms, overcoming all difficulties and trials and making a great contribution to the development of our country with their selfless work.

New Year's Eve is a family holiday and it is advisable to celebrate the upcoming New Year in a family circle. After all, it is also a great opportunity to share achievements with our loved ones, to rejoice in them, to make plans for the coming year, to meet together often, when we can not find time. I wish our team good health, strong will, high professionalism, more enthusiasm and happy New Year to all!

Let 2021 year bring many achievements, happy days and prosperities in our life!

Abdulla Khursanov,

Executive Chairman of “Almalyk MMP” JSC,

Senator of Oliy Majlis

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