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Speeches and statements by management

The future of our country is in the women hands!

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You are always an example of perseverance, dedication, high responsibility, hard work, attentiveness, kindness and love for others. This has been mostly confirmed by 2020. It was very difficult for each of us, but much more trials and tribulations fell on women's shoulders. The COVID-19 pandemic and related quarantine measures have left children at home. For several months, exit to the street was prohibited by restrictions. And it was you who had to monitor the state of their health, online training, and their compliance with the quarantine requirements. You worried about your relatives and friends living in other regions.

The employees of the plant did not leave their jobs, managing to combine work and household duties. All this proved once again that women, like no one else, feel the pulse of the society life, know the acute problems of the family, makhallas and find ways to solve them.

In recent years, in our country, the priority of state policy has become the provision of the rights and interests of women, gender equality, the creation of an integral system aimed at further strengthening the role of women in society and public administration, the search for practical solutions for many socially economic problems affecting women.

As a result of the reforms carried out to strengthen the role of women in public administration, today they make up 30 percent of deputies and senators in parliament. In the regional, municipal and district khokimiyats, the office of Adviser to the khokim on women's issues has been introduced.

Large-scale work on the implementation of the State Program "Year of Support for Youth and Strengthening the Population Health", aimed primarily at organizing high-quality upbringing and education of the young generation, mobilizing all the forces and capabilities of society so that it grows physically healthy and spiritually mature - meets the innermost desires of millions of our women.

Social support for women, creating better conditions for them is always in the center of attention of the plant management and its structural divisions. Last year alone, the working conditions of 1,173 workers, including women, were improved; in each division, the conditions of household rooms, showers, and canteens were radically improved.

This year, all preschool educational organizations of the plant have been prepared and fully started to work. We perfectly understand that when a woman knows that her child is being brought up in decent conditions in kindergarten, she can calmly work and go about everyday affairs. This year it is planned to overhaul the kindergartens of the plant No. 39 and 33, and to build two kindergartens in the Akhangaran region.

On the eve of the spring holiday Navruz, after a major overhaul and reconstruction, our health and recreation centre shall start its operation, where all conditions for rest and treatment have been created.

This year, as a gift for March 8, each worker of the plant, as well as participants in the Second World War, the labor front, will receive a bonus of 700 thousand UZS.

After all, it is a woman who is the mother of our children, the future of our country, it is she who is the basis of a strong and friendly family, it is the dedication of women that strengthens peace and prosperity in the country.

Thanks to you - our mothers, spouses, daughters, sisters, friends, colleagues - we are becoming stronger, more successful, striving for new frontiers in life and work.

Congratulating our dear women - colleagues, comrades-in-arms, life companions, I want to note that we are infinitely grateful to you for your dedicated service, for the happiness and future of our children, for the warmth of the family hearth and that reliable rear that you provide to your loved ones.

Sincerely congratulating you on the wonderful spring holiday March 8, I wish you all good health, peace, tranquility and family happiness!


Chairman of the Board

JSC "Almalyk MMC", Senator

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