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Speeches and statements by management

Navruz – way to joy and happiness!

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This holiday, embodying centuries-old spiritual legacy of our ancestors, even today brings boundless happiness to our hearts, and mercy, love and respect for neighbor, the desire to do good into our lives. I warmly congratulate you all on the arrival of spring, on the arrival of the blessed Navruz, on the New Year, which brings hope and faith in the future prosperity of our people and our great state!

Navruz accompanied our ancestors from time immemorial and is deeply rooted in the minds of people, laying the foundation for such beautiful feelings as kindness, generosity, benevolence. This holiday fills our homes with abundance and comfort, awakens in the hearts of people the joy of creation, enthusiasm, inspires them to new victories, great undertakings and noble deeds. The spirit of Navruz also finds its vivid expression in the work of landscaping and beautification carried out in every corner of our country.

The thousands-strong workforce of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex are not left out of the creative energy of our noble people. Having fulfilled all the planned production indicators, we actively continue large-scale work on modernization of production and implementation of investment projects. This year, the workers of the complex will complete the implementation of the Program for the reconstruction and stabilization of the main production facilities of JSC “Almalyk MMC” and the project for “Construction of an underground mine at the “Samarchuk site” on the basis of the existing “Kyzyl Alma” deposit. Work on the development of the “Yoshlik I” deposit is progressing at an accelerated pace, which is our largest investment project today, opening up broad prospects for the extraction, processing, production of finished products and the creation of new jobs.

It should be noted that, in addition to production tasks, the workers of the complex make a worthy contribution to the improvement and prosperity of not only their enterprises, but also Almalyk, its streets and makhallas, as well as settlements where the AMMC divisions are located.

It just so happens that we always meet this amazing holiday with gifts. This year, on the eve of Navruz, the complex commissioned a road bridge on Mustakillik Street, which connects the center of Almalyk with its outlying districts, makhallas and industrial area after an overhaul.

In the days of celebration, the reconstructed sanatorium and preventive treatment center of AMMC opens, which in the very near future will receive its first recreationists after the repair. Today it is a modern health complex with numerous preventive and therapeutic procedures and comfortable living conditions.

Within the framework of the project for the construction of railway tracks to ensure the transportation of clay-sand mixture from the “Sharkhia” open-pit mine to the combined tailing facilities of the MOF, stage I has been completed. On the eve of the holiday a section of the new railroad, the total length of which will be about 7 kilometers, will be put into operation.

Dear workers of the complex, the citizens of Almalyk!

Since ancient times it has been accepted to celebrate Navruz in a clean house. And we, preparing for the holiday, conduct beautification works in the industrial zone, in the assigned streets and makhallas, from the first days of spring we plant trees and shrubs, planting thousands of flowers, grown in greenhouses and hothouses of the complex subdivisions. In addition, the company holds an action “30 trees as a gift to my makhalla”, during which seedlings of fruit and ornamental trees are planted in all residential areas of the city. The combine employees took an active part in the nationwide khashar announced in our country. The places of commemoration and cemeteries of the city, its squares and alleys have not been forgotten, which are also being put in order. Our goal as a city-forming enterprise is to turn Almalyk into a beautiful and prosperous city!

Every year on the eve of Navruz, which embodies the traditions, unique values and customs of our people, the company’s staff conducts charity activities in the social institutions assigned to the plant - specialized boarding schools, homes “Mekhribonlik”, “Muruvvat” and “Sakhovat”, supports and provides financial assistance to veterans of World War II and the participants of the labor front. The lonely and needy veterans of production and lonely elderly people who worked at AMMC are not neglected either. They also receive comprehensive assistance.

Dear Friends!

We greet Navruz with successes in labor, achievements in production, which lay the foundation for our future. In the Year of Youth Support and Health Improvement we are facing large-scale tasks, which I am sure our multinational team can handle.

On the threshold of the national holiday I would like to congratulate the workers of the complex, veterans and all the people of Almalyk from the bottom of my heart!

Let Navruz will bring prosperity, peace and kindness to our families! I wish you health, happiness, family welfare, let success accompany all your good deeds!


Chairman of the Board of JSC Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex,


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