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First Sunday in April – Day of workers in the field of geology of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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It should be noted that recent years have become a period of fundamental changes, renewal in the field of geology in our republic. The head of our state attaches particular importance to the development of the geological industry. In particular, in our country, large-scale reforms were carried out in the shortest possible time in order to accelerate research work in the field of geology, educate young scientists and develop the geological industry. A number of normative legal acts have been adopted to strengthen the functional potential and expand the activities of the State Committee for Geology and Mineral Resources.

Taking into account the need for rational and efficient use of the country’s natural resources, the adoption of these decrees and orders is of particular importance. According to official statistics, there are more than 2 025 deposits in Uzbekistan. In terms of reserves of some minerals: gold, uranium, copper, phosphorites, molybdenum, etc. – Uzbekistan is one of the leading countries in the world. According to one of the reputable international consulting companies – BCG, the country’s investment potential is expected to reach 65 billion US dollars in the next ten years. Of this, more than $ 45 billion is accounted for by the raw materials industry.

JSC “Almalyk MMC” is an active participant and one of the initiators of measures taken to strengthen the integration of science and production in the field of geology, to support the research activities of scientists in this area. After all, the determining factors of the prospective activity of the AMMC are the strengthening of the raw material base of mining enterprises for the extraction of minerals, the guarantee of the reliability of the deposits being developed, the development of the geological service both for the full and comprehensive use of minerals and for the preservation of natural resources. Therefore, the complex appreciates the work of representatives of this field and is always ready to support and develop the activities of the geological service, to create all conditions for effective research.

It is known that in order to increase the investment attractiveness of the industry and the inflow of international investment, a transition to reporting forms of international standards is required. The introduction of these standards in JSC “Almalyk MMC” and the integration of the entire mining and geological industry of Uzbekistan into the world mineral resource complex has become a very important step. The main goal of this is to develop the practice of independent and objective assessment of underground resources, as well as to increase the efficiency of the study and development of natural resources.

At the mine “Kalmakyr”, “Khandiza” and “Yoshlik I” deposit, work was carried out to estimate and recalculate mineral reserves in accordance with the international standards of the Australian-Asian Code of Reporting on Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves (JORC Code), and to date, this process has been successfully completed. As a result of our fruitful work, the reserves of raw materials at the “Kalmakyr” mine and the “Yoshlik I” deposit have increased by 35 percent.

Intensive work in accordance with international standards is currently being carried out also in the Angren and Chadak mining administrations, at the “Kauldy” mine. As a result of the research carried out and new approaches to the work of the complex, the production of high quality raw materials is achieved.

We will continue to consistently and effectively carry out large-scale reforms to further develop the geological service of the complex, develop new deposits and rational use of the country’s natural resources.

With all of my heart I congratulate all the workers of our country working in this industry, including the geologists of the AMMC, on their professional holiday! Good luck in the geological exploration of the subsoil and new discoveries, further success in your difficult, but so important and necessary work! Good health, happiness, prosperity, new creative successes, warm house and home, love of loved ones and relatives!


Chairman of the Board of JSC Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex,

senator of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan


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