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Key values of ethical behavior of employees of JSC “Almalyk MMC”, members of procurement commission

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The following are the key values of ethical behavior of employees of JSC “Almalyk MMC”, members of the procurement commission:

Transparency of procurement and fairness of supplier selection

Relations of the JSC “Almalyk MMC” with suppliers are based on legal grounds. The supplier is determined on the basis of fair, competitive procurement. The procurer should not have hidden preferences and create advantages for certain suppliers. The selection of suppliers is strictly regulated and based on objective criteria for the quality of goods/works/services and the commercial offer.

Corrupt behavior in procurement

JSC “Almalyk MMC” does not accept any manifestations of corrupt behavior. For this reason, employees must exclude actions that compromise them as dishonest and unscrupulous participants in the procurement process.

Contacts with suppliers other than those stipulated by official duties in the interests of JSC “Almalyk MMC” are not encouraged.

Relationship with colleagues

The relationship of employees participating in the procurement process with colleagues and third parties is based on the principles of mutual trust, respect and completeness of disclosure of necessary information. In the process of work, buyers should refrain from any kind of manipulation, concealment or distortion of information, abuse of official position.

Confidentiality of information

Employees engaged in the procurement activities of JSC “Almalyk MMC” are obliged to observe commercial secrets - not to disclose to third parties, including colleagues and relatives, information constituting confidential information obtained in the course of their official duties.

The disclosure of personal data of employees of JSC “Almalyk MMC” to a third party is not allowed.

Violation of the Rules of Ethical Conduct

Suppliers must inform the employees of JSC “Almalyk MMC” about any suspicions related to the violation of ethical principles by the employees of the procurement of our company via the helpline +99871 141-93-33. To avoid abuse of this communication channel, anonymous messages will not be considered.

[1] Corrupt behavior is understood as the use of official powers for personal gain, as well as the provision of any value to obtain a commercial advantage.

Regulatory legal acts

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«On public procurements» the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan of April 22, 2021,

«On measures to improve the competitive environment, eradicate conditions for abuse and theft in the supply of fuel and energy resources and other highly liquid products, strengthen payment discipline, reduce accounts receivable and payable» Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of November 14, 2017, under No. PP-3386

«On measures to improve the procedure for the examination of pre-project, project, bid documentation and contracts» Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of February 20, 2018, under No. PP-3550

«On measures to implement the law of the republic of uzbekistan «on public procurements»» Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of September 27, 2018, under No. PP-3953

«On measures to further develop industrial cooperation and expand the production of in-demand products» Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of May 1, 2019, under No. PP-4302 

«On additional measures to support domestic producers» Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of August 21, 2020, under No. PP-4812

«On measures to support domestic producers» Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of January 29, 2021, under No. 41

«On additional measures to ensure transparency and increase the efficiency of public procurement» Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of July 2, 2021, under No. PP-5171

The basic principles of public and corporate procurement

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The basic principles of public procurement are:

  • professionalism of the state customer; validity;
  • rationality, economy and efficiency in the use of funds;
  • openness and transparency;
  • competitiveness and objectivity; proportionality;
  • unity and integrity of public procurement system;

inadmissibility of corruption.

The basic principles of public procurement should be applied at all stages of the public procurement process.

Principle of professionalism of the state customer

Professionalism of the public customer is provided by setting the requirements for the employees of the relevant departments on the presence of specialized education, regular training and step-by-step development of practical experience.

The Government customer must determine the person responsible for organizing and conducting procurement procedures.

In the presence of a conflict of interest, the person responsible for organizing and conducting procurement procedures shall be suspended from its functions.

The principle of validity

Public procurement should be carried out taking into account the feasibility and necessity of their implementation, the validity of the choice of goods (works, services), its consumer properties (description), quality parameters and cost for the effective satisfaction of real needs, and the needs of the state customer to ensure that the tasks facing him.

The principle of rationality, economy and efficiency in the use of funds

Public procurement should be carried out in a rational and cost-effective manner, which allows:

take into account the costs of the state customer to conduct public procurement and the cost of goods (works, services);

to use effectively the funds allocated for public procurement, including ensuring an optimal balance between the benefits of the acquisition of goods (works, services), their quality and cost (taking into account the costs of the operating cycle);

to conduct public procurement within the optimal time frame.

The principle of openness and transparency

Openness and transparency of public procurement is carried out by:

posting information about public procurement on a special information portal with the provision in the manner prescribed by law of full, timely, free and free access to the relevant government bodies, subjects of public procurement and the public, with the exception of cases stipulated by law;

drawing up and securing of documents and reports on procurement procedures.

The principle of contentiousness and objectivity

Competitiveness in public procurement is supported through the use of mechanisms of competition between participants in procurement procedures, impartiality and transparency when considering proposals from participants in procurement procedures and making a final decision in favor of the best option based on objective and reasonable criteria.

The objectivity of public procurement provides for the impartiality of considering the proposals of participants in procurement procedures and making the final decision in favor of the best option.

The objectivity of public procurement is based on:

ensuring equal opportunities for participants in procurement procedures;

creating conditions that ensure competition and impartiality in relation to the subjects of public procurement;

open, transparent and competitive mechanisms for resolving complaints, disputes and disagreements in the public procurement process and taking appropriate action.

Principle of proportionality

Proportionality in public procurement is ensured by matching:

the method of public procurement risk, cost, nature and complexity of goods (works, services);

Requirements for qualification data of participants of procurement procedures, criteria and methods of evaluation of proposals for goods (works, services);

Rights, duties and responsibilities of the subjects of public procurement to their functions.

The principle of unity and integrity of public procurement system

Public procurement is based on unity of objectives, principles and approaches, the integrity and interconnection of all stages of public procurement process and the interaction of all participants of public procurement.

The unity and integrity of public procurement is ensured by:

a unified and coherent legal and regulatory framework governing public procurement and its uniform application;

a unified, coherent and integrated procurement information system ensuring collection, processing and analysis of all the information on public procurement and providing access to it to all stakeholders;

the unification of mechanisms, procedures and methods of public procurement;

the unification of documents on public procurement;

the introduction of a single national classifier of goods (works, services);

availability of a single infrastructure for the organization of planning and implementation of public procurement, conclusion and implementation of public procurement contracts (hereinafter - the contract), monitoring and control, appeal and review of disputes and disagreements, increasing the level of professionalism and responsibility of subjects of public procurement.

The principle of inadmissibility of corruption

The requirements to the organization and conduct of procurement procedures should prevent corruption offenses in public procurement. At the same time, measures to prevent corruption are a priority.


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JCS "Almalyk" MMC 



No Name of the competition Lot number Date of posting on the site End date of the competition End time Link to the announcement on the special information portal Exarid.uzex.uz (the site supports only Uzbek and Russian languages)
1 Eset NOD32 Smart Security Business Edition antivirus software  52087 15.03.2022 01.04.2022 9:28 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/52087
2 Processing of geological core samples of exploration wells  56602 19.03.2022 01.04.2022 12:53 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/56602
3 Internal casing complete with armor plate for 2GRT 8000/71 pump  50342 16.03.2022 04.04.2022 9:33 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/50342
4 Spare parts for DZ-98 motor grader  56206 28.03.2022 04.04.2022 7:57 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/56206
5 Repair of pump 2GrT-8000/71  58960 28.03.2022 04.04.2022 7:57 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/58960
6 Medical care and health examinations at the medical facilities of AMMC in the Sariosiya district of Surkhandarya region 56371 24.03.2022 04.04.2022 7:56 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/56371
7 Provision of medical services at the medical facilities of AMMC located in Sherabad district of Surkhandarya region  56348 24.03.2022 04.04.2022 7:56 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/56348
8 Brake belts for scraper winches LS  53597 17.03.2022 05.04.2022 18:29 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/53597
9 Spare parts for plastic feeders  53840 15.03.2022 05.04.2022 16:28 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/53840
10 Rope steel f57mm  51768 15.03.2022 05.04.2022 9:28 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/51768
11 Ammonium paravolphramate  53237 17.03.2022 05.04.2022 17:22 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/53237
12 Inspection of the technical condition of the building structures of the refractory products section and the hammer section of shop No. 1/35 of NPO PPM and TS of JSC  AMMK 57428 25.03.2022 05.04.2022 8:01 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/57428
13 Certification of the quality management system of Jizzakh Cement Plant according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015 60967 29.03.2022 05.04.2022 9:56 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/60967
14 Repair and maintenance of special equipment truck crane LIEBHERR, with the installation of spare parts 60963 29.03.2022 05.04.2022 9:51 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/60963
15 Tractor wrecker 40tn  51864 19.03.2022 06.04.2022 12:55 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/51864
16 Spare parts for MT-2010 dump truck  53611 24.03.2022 07.04.2022 7:55 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/53611
17 Electrodes and secondary instruments for measuring Ph 54507 17.03.2022 07.04.2022 12:54 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/54507
18 Stop valves for Zinc Plant  55793 24.03.2022 07.04.2022 19:48 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/55793
19 Seamless hot and cold-deformed steel pipes of various diameters  56698 24.03.2022 07.04.2022 19:48 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/56698
20 Seamless hot-deformed steel pipes of various diameters   57027 24.03.2022 07.04.2022 19:49 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/57027
21 Spare parts for PPN-1S  56588 19.03.2022 08.04.2022 12:54 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/56588
22 Copper concentrate 56077 16.03.2022 08.04.2022 18:45 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/56077
23 Batteries with chargers  53261 24.03.2022 11.04.2022 7:55 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/53261
24 Stop valves  55790 24.03.2022 11.04.2022 19:48 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/55790
25 Core documentation with sampling of surface core wells drilled in the Oliy Ziyo field  62261 31.03.2022 11.04.2022 8:39 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/62261
26 Telescopic handler 57203 29.03.2022 12.04.2022 10:32 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/57203
27 Front loaders  58036 29.03.2022 12.04.2022 10:32 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/58036
28 Differential hydraulic cylinder 320/180/1730  59223 25.03.2022 12.04.2022  08:51 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/59223
29 Parts to the gearbox RCT-2150 and RCT-2900  60966 29.03.2022 12.04.2022 9:54 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/60966
30 Electric motor and generator  32092 02.03.2022 13.04.2022 20:32 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/32092
31 Selection of a contracting organization to perform working documentation of the dumping technology with the use of cyclic-flow technology complex of Yoshlik-I open pit for transportation of overburden rock (CPT-rock 2) within the investment project "Development of Yoshlik-I deposit".  47570 11.03.2022 13.04.2022 19:59 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/47570
32 Vacuum switch   56532 28.03.2022 13.04.2022 7:56 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/56532
33 Coke breeze fraction 0-10 mm 57568 28.03.2022 13.04.2022 18:31 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/57568
34 Analytical analysis of samples from the Oliy Ziyo deposit  57273 29.03.2022 14.04.2022 10:32 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/57273
35 Digital office-industrial automated telephone exchange 61103 29.03.2022 14.04.2022 13:24 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/61103
36 Wheeling lathes  53108 16.03.2022 18.04.2022 17:08 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/53108
37 Aluminum sheets (pressed)  49341 16.03.2022 18.04.2022 17:08 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/49341
38 Flexible piping and components (parts) 58741 28.03.2022 25.04.2022 18:31 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/58741
39 Cold-rolled steel packaging tape  58705 28.03.2022 25.04.2022 17:59 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/58705
40 Construction of an oxygen plant on the territory of the Smelting Plant (MPP) of JSC Almalyk mining and smelting plant on ЕРС terms 50373 11.03.2022 27.04.2022 19:59 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/50373
41 "Implementation of an automated control system for the mining transport complex and drilling and blasting operations (ASUGTK) at Yoshlik I and Kalmakyr open pits of JSC Almalyk MMC, including a mining and geological information system  52647 15.03.2022 29.04.2022 17:19 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/53678
42 Implementation of an automated management system for the mining transport complex and drilling and blasting operations at Yoshlik-1 and Kalmakir open pits, including a mining and geological information system. 53678 15.03.2022 29.04.2022 17:19 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/53678
43 Spare parts for compressor K-1500  55926 19.03.2022 04.05.2022 12:50 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/55926
44 Centrifugal blowers with 750m3/min capacity  58026 24.03.2022 05.05.2022 15:28 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/58026
45 Hydrocyclone pump 60748 30.03.2022 11.05.2022 8:18 https://etender.uzex.uz/lot/60748


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